Through our training partners, you have access to 2,500 self-guided, online courses covering 350 unique, industry-specific employment competencies in Technology, Business, Personal Development, Human Services, and more! Below is a list of available training; courses are updated on the 15th of each month. 


 All courses can be completed at your own pace, completely online, or through one-on-one support with a trainer! If you are interested in getting one on one assistance from a trainer or if you have a specific training request please send an email to info@ecs-careers.com and include your name, contact information, and the details of your request.

How to Design a Morning Ritual

How to Design a Morning Ritual to Become More Productive & Successful


Duration: 26m

Achieving Your Goals & Dreams

Discover the 4 steps to success: know what you want, believe you can have it, create a strong plan, and stay motivated.


Duration: 4h 30m

YouTube Masterclass

This course is aimed at teaching new YouTubers what it takes to create great videos and make money from them. Most lessons are hands-on tutorials. By the end of this course, you will have a YouTube channel that you are proud of. You’ll be making high quality videos that your audience loves. You’ll be getting more and more subscribers to increase your brand strength.

 Duration: 6hr 5m

Stock Trading Basics - Beginners Guide to Stock Trading

With this course, you will finally have everything you need to start trading stocks. The stock trading techniques & strategies you will learn can take you from complete beginner, to placing your first stock trade. Get started as soon as possible with everything you need to know to buy & sell your first stock!


Duration: 58m

The 25 Minute Business Plan

This course walks you through the components and process of writing a business plan. You will hear from other successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists sharing their thoughts on the business plans they have seen and created. At the end of the course you will be able to create your own, well thought out plan to further the success of your business.


Duration: 25m

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