How to Market Your Business Re-Opening Without Breaking the Bank


Sometimes, you have to temporarily close your business. This has always been a business reality, but it’s one that companies all over the country have had to confront this year thanks to COVID-19. Whether you’ve been forced to temporarily shut down due to area regulations or you’ve chosen to in order to simplify costs or protect employees, the end result is the same — customers get confused.


Customers and clients don’t tend to remember the word “temporary” when they see your business has closed — they just see a sign and assume you’re shut down for good. That’s why a re-opening marketing campaign is so important. Elevated Career Services has come up with some general tips for crafting a re-opening campaign.


Make Good Use Of Your Shutdown Time


The first step toward a successful re-opening starts the second you close. No matter what kind of business you run, there’s something you can be doing despite having closed up shop. For example, you might consider using this time to register your business as a Minnesota LLC. This process can feel costly or complicated, but if you do it yourself or use a service, it’s shockingly simple. Plus, the time that your business is closed is really the ideal window for fiddly tasks, anyway.


Another productive use of this time is renovating your physical location. An empty shop gives you the chance to replace carpets, paint walls, and redesign floor plans at a simpler, more leisurely pace than you might have to take while operating as usual. If you’ve got some DIY skills, you can even knock this out on a budget by tackling the majority (or all) of the labor on your own.


Engage On Social Media


Another good way to remind customers that you’re closed but not closed down, is to stay active online. Social media gives you an excellent avenue to connect with customers directly. The pandemic has dramatically increased social media use for many of us, and, as a result, it’s the perfect time to start using those accounts (if you haven’t already.)


Post regularly and consider setting up a pinned post emphasizing that you’re coming back. If you’re doing renovations, you can post about those on your page. People love seeing projects in action, so it’s a great way to keep customers updated, stay on their minds, and get them enthused about your return.


Invest in Effective Advertising


Many people think that digital advertising is all that matters these days, and for some businesses, that might be the case. If you have a physical location, however, traditional advertising still matters.


When crafting your re-opening campaign, focus on emphasizing what you’ve achieved in your time away. This is especially wise if you’ve made any COVID-19 risk-reduction changes, such as installing plexiglass dividers at registers or improving your HVAC system. Avoid emphasizing any new cleaning measures unless they’re truly impressive or innovative — “Our employees wash their hands now!” is not as good a look as some companies seem to think. Above all, let customers know how excited you are to see them again. We’re all missing that personal connection right now, so your company should focus on that interpersonal element as much as possible.


Re-opening can be a challenge for businesses, but an effective advertising campaign will go a long way toward bringing customers back and picking up some new ones along the way. Focus on what makes your business great, how you’ve improved in your time away, and how much you miss seeing your regulars. Odds are, they miss you, too.


At Elevated Career Services, we aim to support individuals in the workplace by working to forge partnerships that offer employment-based training to dislocated workers. To learn more about our services, contact us at 651-605-6329 or fill out our online contact form.


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Getting Talent Back to Work

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Source: SHRM/CKI Workers with Criminal Records Survey (SHRM, 2018)
Getting Talent Back To Work  Pledge
Getting Talent Back To Work  Pledge