Out of (Remote) Work?

How to Find a Remote Job During the Pandemic.
Author: Matt Williams
Job Seeker
More people are working from home than ever before, with two in three employees clocking in remotely during the coronavirus pandemic. But while countless workers relish their new work-from-home flexibility, some long-time remote employees are finding themselves without a job.

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted all sectors, companies that hire remote employees, and freelancers included. But while finding the perfect remote gig is never easy, people who have built a work-from-home career are in a better position than anyone to get hired during the pandemic.
What It Takes To Work From Home
Anyone can plop a laptop at the kitchen table and call themselves a telecommuter, but long-time remote workers know that it takes more to truly excel at working from home.
  • First things first: You need a fast, reliable internet. Upgrading to a business plan avoids throttling and data caps.
  • You also need an ergonomic, professional home office when telecommuting full-time.
  • Don’t forget the tech! A high-quality webcam is worth the investment for remote meetings.
  • Finally, remote workers need the skills and tools to stay focused and productive.
Remote Jobs Hiring During the Pandemic
With the economy slowing to a halt, job postings can be hard to come by. However, there are some jobs that are still hiring during the pandemic.
  • As companies shift to e-commerce, many need web experts like Ruby on Rails developer freelancers to build robust online stores.
  • Companies are also ramping up digital marketing efforts with new social media, SEO, and content marketing hires.
  • Have experience in the healthcare field? Look for a job as a remote medical coder.
  • Job seekers can also find openings in IT, customer service, education, and sales.
  • Not quite sure what you’re looking for? Use these remote job boards to browse for openings.
How to Ace a Remote Job Interview
Once you find the right job, you need to ace the interview. If it’s been a while since your last job interview, use these resources to brush up on your skills.
  • Work with Elevated Career Services to prep for your interview.
  • Don’t let your cat crash your interview. PC World explains how to present your best self on a video call.
  • Know which video conferencing app your interviewers are using and do a test run so you know how to use it.
  • Silicon Republic offers more tips on video interviewing, including how to handle technical difficulties.
Finding yourself unexpectedly unemployed is never easy. But as an established remote worker, you have an advantage when it comes to getting hired during the pandemic. Instead of throwing in the towel, brush up on your remote working and interviewing skills and get busy hunting for your next work-from-home job.

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