President, Founder and CEO

Dominique Murray is the President, Founder, and CEO of Elevated Career Services. Throughout her career, Dominique has developed an expert knowledge in Human Resources, Customer Service, Technology, Training & Development, Operations & Maintenance, Equity, and Public Administration which has contributed to her development as a Nonprofit Leader.

Since the beginning of her career, Dominique has always set out to develop new skills to set herself apart in the job market through education, work experience, and personal development. In 2014, Dominique earned a Bachelor’s degree in Technical Management with a concentration in Human Resources. Shortly after, she advanced her career from Customer Service to working in Government Services. Through her unique skill set and talent, Dominique has provided operational support, and administration for more than 700 employees across 72 different work locations. During her employment, Dominique was appointed by her peers to serve as the co-chair of the Racial Equity Team.  As a leader of this group, she collaborated with her co-workers to develop an advisory board addressing workplace inequities, planning and seeking strategic solutions for improvement.


In 2016 while serving as a union steward, Dominique was awarded the John F Blackstone Member of The Year Award for outstanding contributions to the Professional Employee Association. In 2018, Dominique graduated from Metropolitan State University with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. During this time she incorporated Elevated Career Services as a nonprofit entity, based on her passion for learning, career development, and serving others.

Dominique Murray
Certified Life Coach

Ashriel Walker is a Certified Life Coach, who specializes in helping her clients overcome their fear of being stuck, in a matter of months, rather than years. It is her priority to ensure that she serves people who have a desire to live a purpose-filled life and unapologetically. Many people have encountered idling seasons in their life that prompts them to feel stuck. Ms. Walker has a solution for that. Her clients who are faced with the challenge of either not having a vision at all, or just can’t see past the one they’ve already accomplished—she tailors her services for the client as an individual and for their specific situation at hand. Coaching on a deeper level for is her way of being, so she brings tools, testimonies, years of experience, and passion to help them maximize their potential, by any means necessary. Results are the goal!

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